5 months later and i’m still questioning the fact he used a fucking ice cream scoop and not a normal spoon






mark you doofimage

The answer is quite simple; I did not own a spoon.

Mark.. Please explain why you didn’t own a spoon. Aren’t you like at least semi-rich?

You have a treadmill and several types of recording equipment how can you not have a SPOON. What do you eat cereal with??

Wow, you guys missed out on a real gem, huh?



The thrilling finale.



Explaining Once Upon a Time Season 2 to Newbies

  • Dad: So what are you watching Now?
  • Me: This is Once Upon a time...
  • Dad: And that is...
  • Me: *sigh* They are all fairytale characters that were sent to live in our dimension by the evil queen who made them forget who they were and live in a small town in Main until about the mid season Arch of last year no one knew except for the evil queen who is the mayor and apparently rumplestilkskin who-
  • Dad: The goblin guy
  • Me: Yes, and the son or Snow white and Prince Charming's daughter who didn't know anything after Snow white sent her to our dimension to live without the curse so one day she could lift it
  • Dad: *Looks at screen with them camping out in the forest
  • Dad: So that is Modern Day Main?
  • Me: No after the first episode t of season 2 Snow white and her daughter have been stuck in the magical universe because the rip off dementors pushed them into the mad hatters hat that sent them to another dimension.
  • Dad: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Dad...
  • Me: ....
  • Dad: At least it isn't Twilight